Q Bond Glue Kit Large (6 Glues & 3 Powders)

Q Bond Glue Kit Large (6 Glues & 3 Powders)

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Q Bond Glue Kit Large (6 Glues & 3 Powders)

• Q Bond Ultra High Bond Adhesive bonds most non-porous materials in seconds.
• The multi-purpose liquid adhesive combined with filling powders provide a unique “instant weld” like bond.
• When used independently of filler powders the liquid adhesive dries to a clear, permanent bond with exceptional strength.


Q-Bond stands for ‘Quick Bonding’.
In addition to the liquid adhesive, there is a two-part system
which utilizes the liquid adhesive combined with powders to
create unique reinforcing and filling capabilities with which
cracks, breaks, holes and gaps in plastics and metals can be
repaired to regain their original shape. The repairs can then be
ground, filed, sanded and even painted!

Use the Black Powder for:
• Radiators
• Grills
• Hand Tools
• Fairings
• Bumpers
• PVC Pipes
• Appliances
• Rear View Mirrors

Use the Grey Powder for:
• Tappet Covers
• Office Machines
• Casings
• Oil Leaks


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