Chip Repair Kit


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Chip repair kit in plastic protective case.

List of contents:

  • 12v Drill
  • 15ml Resin
  • Suction Bridge
  • UV Lamp

Layne Industries chip repair kit is the perfect kit for start up businesses. Easily repair windscreen chips caused by stones or debris form the road surface. Stone chips of up to the size of a 10c coin can be repaired with almost 80% better visibility. Firstly the 12v drill is used to drill a small hole in the stone chip. The suction bridge is then positioned directly over the chip and held into place. A drop or 2 of the UV curing resin is then dropped into the tip of the bridge and the plunger is turned to force the resin into the chip. The chip can now be left for about 3 – 5 minutes for the resin to flow freely into the cracks. When the chip is almost invisible, remove the bridge and stick a clear mylar patch over the resin. Place the UV lamp over the resin to cure it. This takes less than 2 minutes. Remove the UV lamp, mylar patch and scrape the cured resin with a razor blade. Your repair is now complete.

Chip repair before and after



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