Den Braven Silicone Spray details

Den Braven Silicone Spray details


Silicone Spray is a fat-free lubricant, protective and parting agent as well as conditioner for plastics, wood, rubber and metals. Clean lubricating film that is not hardening. High resistance to temperatures up to 250°C in closed systems and up to 150°C in contact with air. At temperatures above 150°C the viscosity changes because of oxidation. Protects from oxidation and corrosion and is water-repellent.


  • Prevents the accumulation of adhesive residues on presses and guides.
  • Prevents goods from adhering to conveyor belts, grooves, guide ways and slides.
  • Keeps rubber parts in good condition, they do not freeze, embrittle or adhere to other objects.
  • Plastic parts appear in fresh gleam and do not embrittle makes sunroof and seat rails slide more easily.
  • Excellent parting agent in moulding and injection moulding.
  • Protects electric contacts from moisture makes jammed and squeaking parts run well again.
  • Suitable as an assembly aid with tube connections.


Silicone Spray has a wide range of applications owing to its properties.

Directions of Use

Shake the aerosol vigorously before use. Clean and degrease the surface to be treated, then spray it from a distance of approx. 20-30cm and rub the substance in with a soft cloth. For more information visit our website

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