Big Wipe Industrial Cleaning Wipes

Big Wipe Industrial Cleaning Wipes

Big Wipes Heavy Duty (Red Top)

These ’Red Top’ heavy-duty Big Wipes are super-strong, industrial strength absorbent wipes featuring a dual-sided ’scrub and clean’ wiper material for use on ingrained dirt and the toughest of stains.
Big Wipe’s unique 4×4 formula brings together four power cleaners with four skin conditioners to ensure excellent grime removal whilst actively nourishing and protecting skin.


Features & Benefits

Power Cleaners x 4: heavy-duty power cleansers remove oil, grease, silicone, epoxy, paint, adhesives, PU foam, and more – save money and time by effectively fixing accidents on the spot.
Skin conditioners x 4: includes Aloe Vera for natural healing; Lanolin for moisturisation and protection; Glycerine to soften skin and improve absorption; Vitamin E to protect and repair cell membranes.
Wiper material: dual-sided, super-tough cloth featuring a scrub face for loosening stubborn grime and a smooth face for soaking and wiping up dirt and grime; ’firm-grip, no slip’ impregnated textile with high tear resistance for reduced slippage.
Formula features: 99%+ effectiveness rating for anti-bacterial action; water-based, biodegradable, preservative-free formula prevents skin irritation – zero irritation recorded during controlled dermatological tests.

Application & Usage

No water required for heavy duty cleaning of hands, surfaces or tools
Ideal for tradespeople on the move
Clean spills immediately for best results